Music Licensing
Risk free music library. Custom muisc scoring and recording.

Did you know that using a radio broadcase as your on-hold music source is considred re-broadcasting?

If you are re-broadcasting radio, and not paying royalties to BMI and ASCAP, you are violating copyright laws and possibly FCC regulations. In other words, you may be committing a federal offense.

If that's not enough, consider that re-broadcasting radio over your telephone's On-Hold system provides your competitor's a marketing opportunity to your customers.

We eliminate your exposure by offering an enormous licensed risk-free music library.

Listen to just a sampling of our vast risk-free music library. Contact us for more, or we can mix a custom track right in our 32-track recording studio!


Our extensive in-stock music categories include:

  • Acid
  • Classical
  • Country
  • Easy Listening
  • Ethnic, World Music
  • Guitar, Light
  • Jazz, Light
  • Jazz, Traditional,
  • Piano, Light
  • Rock, Modern
  • Sound-Alike
  • Techno


Our complete library is too vast to post here. Please contact us for additional categories and samples.