Professional Messaging

Our productions use only professional voice talent and licensed music.

Audiotel manages your project's complete lifecycle -- beginning with a thorough needs-assessment, scripting, Professional Voice Talent and applying the result to your application.

Our most popular professional messaging services include:

Messages On-Hold
Professional voice recordings and customized scripting (mixed with licensed music) for your telephone system. Callers will hear information about your products and services.

VoIP/IVR Auto Attendant
Professional voice recordings for your Day or Evening attendant, call-directories, and drop down menus. Recordings can also be translated and recorded in Spanish and other languages. We support all file formats including WAV files.

Overhead Music Streaming and Overhead Messaging
Music streaming from popular music to rock, country and more. Add promotional messages at any time. Perfect for in-store promotions, restaurants, lobby announcements and anywhere overhead music streaming is needed.

Professional personalized greetings for voice mailbox systems.

We have the voice talent and licensed background music for any project - including commercials, radio, TV, websites . . .

Custom Music
We have a 32-track Digital Studio where we produce music for commercials, jingles, documentaries and custom sound effects. We also have a large licensed (risk free) music library.

Scripting & Language Translation
Audiotel On-Hold provides professional translations and recordings in English, Spanish, and other languages. Another professional service that sets Audiotel apart from the competition.

Custom Professional Voiceover
Messaging services are available in English and Spanish, Male or Female, and recorded only by professional voice talent.


*Our Professional voice recordings are compatible with all telephone systems from VoIp to digital and analog systems. Call to see if your equipment is MOH-ready.

Require periodic or seasonal updates? Our affordable plans fit your schedule!