Over Head Ambient Music Streaming

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A fully featured music solution built for MOH and Overhead Music Applications.


Proven Technology:

The Audiotel Digital Streaming system easy to use digital messaging systems are the dominant choice in on-hold messaging. The new streaming audio platform, the Audiotel RX1 delivers a system destined for long-term success.


Fallback Feature:

The Audiotel RX1 device contains a "Fallback" feature. If the device cannot re-connect to the internet within a time period of about 4 minutes, audio files that have been loaded into an onboard memory on the device will begin to play continuously. When the device is able to reconnect to the internet, streaming immediately resumes.


Wireless Feature:

The Audiotel DS1 can be adapted to use the internet wearilessly, using a high-quality antenna for extended range required in situations in which the location of the phone system is far from an internet access point.


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