Turnkey Projects

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Whether you are producing a television documentary or looking for a unique custom-sound for your overhead environment -- we have the skills and the proven talent to produce and manage your custom audio project from start to finish.

A Shortlist of Special Projects completed
by Audiotel On-Hold Include:

PBS Television program narration:
Hurricane Katrina disaster documentary

Gold Coast Rea Estate School:
An Interactive DVD

Jill & Phil:
A Children's Audio Book Series

Predictive Dialers:
Custom audio for major corporate promotions

Fueling Station Overhead
Nationwide audio promotions

When you order an on-hold or any other audio production from Audiotel OnHold, we will write it, produce it, get your approval and ship to meet your deadlines. We will work directly with your telephone vendor or IT department to ensure timely installation of equipment or implementation of voice prompts for your cut-over.

We manage the life cycle of your special projects by

- Remaining custom-focused
- Taking time to understand your objectives
- Following up on details
- Delivering as promised
- Being there when you need us
- Standing by our work

Whatever your needs, give us a call, we can help!